Business Analysis
Of course we’ll prepare your financial statements for you every month, but more importantly, we’ll analyze them for you and show you what’s right and what’s wrong with the way your business is going.  We may suggest financial changes that can improve the “bottom line.”  But we’ll look at the whole picture, because not only is the Income Statement important, but the Balance Sheet should be analyzed too, to get a good picture of the health of your business.  Or maybe you should divide your business into two or more “departments” to have a clearer picture of how each area is doing.  That could help show where improvements may need to be made.  We can show you how.

Maybe you have an established business that isn’t making as much money as you’d hoped.  Why don’t you let us take a look?  Even if we weren’t involved in helping you set up your business, we’ll be glad to analyze your financial information and procedures to see if we can suggest changes.  Again, we’ll customize our services to meet your needs.  Business analysis now, maybe Bookkeeping and Income Tax Preparation later, if desired.  Just let us know how we can help. 

Please call us for your free initial consultation!