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Government Reporting
Of course we all know that Income Taxes are a necessary part of life these days.  And we can help you with either Personal or Business Income Tax Returns, so you don’t dread the approach of April 15th.  But when you own a business, there are many other reports that must be filed at different times with different government agencies: state, federal, and local.  Payroll Reports and Sales Tax Reports are just a couple of the types of reports among many you’ll deal with.

Let us take away this burden!  We can file reports for you or show you easy ways to keep needed information at hand so you can do it yourself.  We can keep track of due dates to be sure your reports are filed and necessary payments made on time.  (Penalties and interest can mount up fast to outrageous levels!)  And we can advise you on how to minimize income tax exposure for future years.

Have you ever seen a restaurant that seemed to be doing a booming business, but all of a sudden they’re closed and no one can figure out why?  Often a situation like this is caused by failure to file government reports correctly and on time.  As we all know, the government can be very unforgiving in certain circumstances!  Of course, everyone knows that if you make money, whether as a business or an individual, the government will want part of it in the form of Income Taxes.  We can prepare your Income Tax Returns, personal or business, even out-of-state.  (Say, for example, you have income from that oil well in Texas that Uncle Harry left to you!)

But there are a variety of other government reports that must be filed regularly, whether monthly, quarterly, or yearly.  Some require that payments be sent with them.  You may need to send reports to various agencies of the Federal, state, and local governments.  How do you keep the records you need to be able to quickly access the correct figures or information for each report?  And file those reports on time?  Every time?

We can help!  We’ll either prepare reports for you, or show you how to keep the information easily accessible for you to be able to do it yourself.