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Management Services
Most companies with more than a few employees have a Human Resources Department to handle employee issues.  These could include hiring (job description, help-wanted ads, reviewing resumes, interviews, pay scale analysis, etc.), employee manuals, administration of health and retirement plans, leave records, labor law compliance, exit interviews, etc.  But you may not need such a department, especially if you have fewer than 20-30 employees and don’t want to pay someone to be the manager!

We can help!  From the time you’re thinking about starting a new business, we can help you plan for all your Human Resources needs:  all those issues mentioned above and more.  We can be your liaison with health insurance and retirement plan providers.  We can help with hiring, write your employee manual, show you how to formulate and maintain leave policy, and most important, be sure that all your policies and procedures are in compliance with labor laws.

Our long experience with various types of companies and their just-as-varied human resources policies has given us the knowledge we need to be able to set up and maintain the right systems for your business.

Please call us today to find out how we can help you manage all aspects of your business efficiently and profitably.